Only Jesus can satisfy

We live in materialistic world, in which we believe that “things” and “pleasures” can bring us happiness. To some extent, the world pushes the ideology that the things we consume determine who we are. When we are not satisfied, we assume that it is because we are missing something that the other party has. Perhaps they parading around with a Mercedes Benz while you drive a beat up old Ford? Perhaps they are buying their second house while you are still struggling to pay rent? “Perhaps…” the list is endless. But the truth is this: even after you acquire all the goods you ever desired, or experienced all the pleasures you ever dreamed, you will still feel a sense of unfulfilled emptiness. This “hole in the heart” feeling is normal – God put it there and only God Himself can fill that void. 

Since historical times, great philosophers sought answers to the three “unanswerable” questions of all time: “Who are they?’ “Where are they going?” “What is man’s purpose in life?”. The post-modern would focuses on individuality “I am who I am” but even that doesn’t solve anything. Moreover, there is an insatiable thirst and hunger for love and acceptance yearning in every person’s heart.

But God provides answers to all three questions. The Holy Bible clearly stresses the point that He created mankind different from all of His creation – He created them in His image and His likeness. Simply put, you are not a superior form of monkey or derived from an amoeba… you were created by God and for God.

His grand purpose, since the beginning of creation, was for all of us to be his children and be with Him for all of eternity. When God created mankind, I believe they reflected the radiance of the Creator. But since the fall, things changed. Sin distorted His image and worse yet, made us enemies of God. We still display a few facets of Him but sin tainted and corrupted every part of our body – mind, body and soul. But Ecclesiastes 2:11 writes, “he has also set eternity in the hearts of men”. God’s initial plan of us being his children for eternity remains unchanged. That’s why Jesus came – He came so that we can revert back and recover that lost relationship, to satisfy the wrath of God so we can once again call Him our Father instead of the Judge. Jesus is the only way to the Father. It is through Him alone will we be able to once again recover His image. Upon His second coming in which He will judge all of the sin and wickedness, time will vanish… those who have accepted Him as Saviour will once again be reunited with God in blessed presence for eternity. But those who have not will be God’s wrath for eternity.

What about love and acceptance? The Bible states that God is love. One of the greatest characteristics of God, apart from justice (judgement of all sin, evil and wickedness) it balances on the same scale as love. Love is the glue that holds everything together – all relationships derive from the need and desire to love, and be loved. But people’s love is limited, God’s love is unlimited. People’s love is conditional. God’s love is unconditional. When we have God’s love, all love is encompassed in it – lover, family and friends. Therefore, a true Christian can truly feel that when they have God, they have everything because he is the source of love. Out from love derives true acceptance – even when others do not accept us, He loves us and accepts us as who we are. Not only that, he loves us so much that He does not want us to remain as what we are but to form us into His Son’s image (the most perfect state).

Today God is knocking outside our hearts, He is waiting for us to open the door and invite Him in. He wants to satisfy our hunger and quench our thirst. He wants to give us abundance, not only this life and the next. Oh, Lord Jesus, all that thrills my soul is you! 



Sister in Christ. 


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